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Three Ravens

T:Three Ravens
	A,|"Dm"D2 E2 F2 A2|"Bb"G2 "Gm"F2 "Asus4"E2-"A"E2|
w:There were three Ravens sat on a tree_
w:* Down in yon-der gre-en field_
w:She lif-ted up his bloo-dy head_
w:She bu-ried him be-fore his prime_
	"Dm"z2 DE F3 G|"Bb"A2-"Gm"A B "Asus4"A2-"A"A
w:down-a-down hey down_a-down_
	A,|"Dm"D2 E2 F3 D|"Gm"E2 F2 G3 F/G/|"F"A8-|"A"A6 z
w:And they were black as they might be, with a down_
w:there lies a knight slain under his shield * * * *
w:and kissed his wounds that were so red * * * *
w:she~was dead her-self 'ere eve-ning time * * * *
	A|"F"A2 c2 B2 A2|"F"G2 F2 "A"E3
w:The one of them said to his mate:
w:* Down there comes a fe-llow doe
w:She got him up a-cross her back
w:* God sent eve-ry gen-tle-man
	E|"Dm"F2 A2 G2 F2|"Bb"E2 "Gm"D2 "A"E3
w:What shall we for our break-fast take?
w:as great with young as she might go
w:and ca-rried him to~the earth-ern lack
w:fine hawks, fine hounds and such~a loved one
	F/G/|"Dm"A4 GF ED|"A"^CD E6|"Dm"D8-|"Bb"D2-"Gm"D2-"A"D2 z2||
w:With a down, de-rry de-rry de-rry down, down___