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Leatherwing Bat

T:Leatherwing Bat
    "Am"C2 A,A, A,2 A,2|"C"CC D2 E2 G2|"G"E2 D2 D2 D2|"G"C2 D2 "Em"E4|
w:1.Hi said the li-ttle lea-ther-wing bat, I'll tell to you the rea-son that
w:2.Hi said the black-bird si-tting on~a chair,_ once I cour-ted~a la-dy fair
w:3.Hi said the wood-pecker si-tting on~a fence,_ once I cour-ted~a hand-some wench
w:4.Hi said the ro-bin as * he flew, when I was young * I had two
w:5.Hoot said the owl with eyes * so bright, a lone-some day, a lone-some night
w:6.Hi said the li-ttle tur-tle * dove, I tell you how to win her love
w:7.Hi said the blue bird~a-way * he flew, if I were~a young man I'd have, too
    "C"E2 E2 E2 D2|"Em"E2 G2 G4-|"G"G6 zD|"Bm"D2 D2 D3 E|"Am"A,2 A,2 A,4|
w:1.the~rea-son that I fly by night,_ it's~be-cause I lost my heart's de-light
w:2.she got fickle and turned her back,_ and ever since then I'm dressed in black
w:3.she got scared and from me fled,_ and ever since then my head's been red
w:4.if~one wouldn't love me~the o-ther would,_ * don't you think my no-tion's good
w:5.thought I heard a pretty gal say,_ * court all night and sleep all day
w:6.court her night and court her day,_ * never give~her time to say your nay
w:7.she got saucy and wanted to go,_ I'd add the other string to my bows
    "F"C3 C C2 D2|"C"EE E2 E4|"D"D3 D D2 E2|"Am"CC C2 C4|
w:How-dy dow-dy did-a-long-day How-dy dow-dy did-a-long-day
    "F"C3 C C2 D2|[M:2/4]"C"EE G2|[M:4/4]"D"A8-|A8|[M:2/4]"Am"A3 G|[M:4/4]"C"E2 D2 "D"C2 A,2|"Am"A,8-|A,4 z4||
w:How-dy dow-dy did-a-long-day_ Hey lee lee lee lie lee lo_