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X: 3
T: Catharsis
N: alternate chords for guitar (capo III)
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Gmin clef=treble
|:"Gm"DGGF DGGF | DFGA "Bb"B1/2A1/2G "F"AF | "Gm"DGGF DGGF | "Bb"DCB,C "F"B,A,B,A, |
"Gm"DGGF DGGF | DFGA "Bb"B1/2A1/2G "F"Ac | "Gm"dcBc BAGF | [1 DGGF G2 G2:|[2 DGGF GABc |]
|:"Gm"dGGc GGBG | GAGG GABc | "F"dFFc FFBF | FAFF GABc |
"Eb"dEEc EEBE | EAEE GABc | "Dm"dcBc BAGF | [1 DGGF GABc :| [2 DCB,C B,A,B,A, |]