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-====== Welcome to my ABC Wiki ====== 
-In this wiki I(([[|Anika Henke]])) will store all my private sheet music (mainly songs). Due to copyright issues most of its content is restricted and can only be viewed by me and a few friends. 
-But all **[[trad:​index|traditional music]]** can be viewed and edited by all visitors! 
-===== What is ABC? ===== 
-ABC is a musical notation language. See http://​​ for more information. 
-===== How to use the wiki ===== 
-You can try out the [[wiki:​syntax]] in the **[[playground:​playground|playground]]**. 
-===== How to use ABC on this wiki ===== 
-If you already know how to use ABC: Just type in a complete abc tune (beginning with X:) surrounded by ''​%%<​abc>​%%''​ and ''​%%</​abc>​%%''​. That will output an image of the sheet music, linked to the corresponding midi file. 
-It is even possible to transpose each abc automatically. Just add the amount of semitones((which must be a number between -23 and 23)) as one or more ((up to seven)) parameters after ''​%%<​abc%%'',​ e.g. ''​%%<​abc 7 -5>​%%''​ will transpose a fifth up and a fourth down and will display the transpositions beneath the original key. 
-===== Credits ===== 
-This Wiki uses [[doku>​wiki:​dokuwiki|DokuWiki]] with the [[doku>​wiki:​tpl:​ach|ACH Template]]. The ABC is displayed with the [[doku>​plugin:​abc|ABC Plugin]] which uses [[http://​​|abcm2ps]],​ [[http://​​abcMIDI/​|abcMIDI]],​ [[http://​​~ghost/​|Ghostscript]] and [[http://​​|ImageMagick]].